218 All Bills Paid Apartments for Rent in Texas

44 rentals in TX, 218 rentals nearby

Finding the best apartment is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider when finding a residence that fits all your requirements. You have to pay attention towards the location, neighborhood and floor plan to assure that it will be ideal for your furniture. If you have a pet you have to pay attention whether the apartment is pet-friendly or not.

Utilities included rentals is a good option if you have a busy schedule you might be wondering that what is meant by all bills paid houses. Here we have everything you need to know.

What is all bills paid apartment

All utilities paid rentals are ones in which your landlord will be responsible for all the utility bills and you will only have to pay a flat rate of the property. The utility bills that will be paid depends on the owner and the residential.

There are some apartments for rent where all the utility bills will be paid including the internet and the cable whereas others might not pay for every facility. In Texas, the cost of the utility bills depends on the utilization. There are some landlords who will pay only a particular amount of bill and if it exceeds, you will have to pay the rest. 

44 all utilities paid apartments for rent in Texas

Great Apartment Homes, Private Balcony or Patio, Gated Access

1 bed $940
2 beds $1200
3 beds $1650

Courtyard View, Spanish Speaking Staff, Satellite Available

1 bed $840
2 beds $1100
3 beds $1450

Stylish Faucets and Pulls, Pets Adored, 24 Hour Club Lounge

(San Antonio)
1 bed $1040
2 beds $1350
3 beds $1600

Fitness Center, Clothes Care Center

1 bed $1270
2 beds $1600

Large 1-2-3 bedrooms apartments with all utilities included

(Fort Worth)
1 bed $870
2 beds $1350
3 beds $1500


1 bed $1300

Designer countertops, BBQ/picnic area, Walk-in closets

1 bed $1245
3 beds $1700

Fitness Center, Cyber Coffee Cafe, Tennis Court

1 bed $1040
2 beds $1400

Recreational Areas, Courtyard, Fireplace

1 bed $880
2 beds $1100
3 beds $1500

Air Conditioning, Patio/Balcony, Lighted Tennis Court

1 bed $850
2 beds $1190
3 beds $1850

Benefits of renting apartments with all bills paid

The biggest benefit of all utilities paid residence is that you will have to remember the dates of different utility bills. There is only one bill that you have to keep track of and that is the rent of the apartment. With houses for rent, it will be easier for you to maintain your budget.

There are a few facilities in which you have to pay for the activation fee. With this type of rent, all such charges will be dealt with. You will not have to deal with any seasonal costs. You will be able to live a stress-free life.

Tips for moving into all bills paid apartment

If you have made up your mind to have the houses for rent. Here we have a few tips that will help you to move into your new apartment.

  • Before you sign the lease make sure that every party knows what it is responsible for to avoid any misunderstandings in future
  • Check if there is a thermostat installed in the apartment. You should be able to change the temperature of the anterior whenever you require
  • Ask the landlord about the limits you have regarding the utilization of electricity, internet, water and air conditioning system
  • If the landlord says that you will have to deal with the gas bills, find out how many gas appliances are in the apartment so you will know the estimated bills you have to pay.

Bottom line

If you are in search for utilities included rentals in Texas we have the perfect apartment finder for you. You will get the best options of houses and apartments near you. The tool has high efficiency and will generate the results within seconds. Just enter your requirements and you will be finalizing the deal with the landlord in the next few hours.