256 All Bills Paid Apartments for Rent in San Antonio, TX

50 rentals in San Antonio, 256 rentals nearby

Looking for an Apartment that takes cares of the utility bills for you? Then, you are in the perfect spot.

It is becoming popular and more popular as the days go by to rent all bills paid Apartments in San Antonio. However, what you might not know is the fact that there is also plenty of offers regarding all bills paid houses as well.

These are one of the top benefits in renting your own place with all bills paid:

  • At first glance, this is an expensive option. Ultimately, you’ll be saving money because you won’t be paying anything else.
  • It is easier and faster to find apartments and houses for rent.
  • Tenants usually do not need a credit check.
  • The electrical use is unlimited

What do you need to consider when renting all bills paid apartments and houses:

  • It is explicitly explained that you as a tenant have not limit in the electric usage.
  • Try to find all bills paid studio and flat with most of the utilities included (water, internet connection, and more) not just electric bills.
  • In order to minimize your monthly rent, it’s extremely important to rent taking into consideration the efficiency of all apartments and houses for rent.

You can find:

  • Furnished Apartments
  • Multi family spring
  • Pool Apartments
  • Luxury Apartments with parking
  • Duplex For rent
  • Apartment 2 bedroom
  • Cute studio Apartments
  • San Antonio apartment 78249 tx

50 all utilities paid apartments for rent in San Antonio, TX

Great Apartment Homes, Private Balcony or Patio, Gated Access

(Leon Springs / Beckmann)
1 bed $940
2 beds $1200
3 beds $1650

Courtyard View, Spanish Speaking Staff, Satellite Available

(Mesa Ranch / Mesa Ridge)
1 bed $840
2 beds $1100
3 beds $1450

Stylish Faucets and Pulls, Pets Adored, 24 Hour Club Lounge

(Harry Wurzbach Rd / Wurzbach Rd)
1 bed $1040
2 beds $1350
3 beds $1600

Fitness Center, Clothes Care Center

(Huebner Rd / Jordans Wood Cir)
1 bed $1270
2 beds $1600

Large 1-2-3 bedrooms apartments with all utilities included

(Fm Road 2696 / N LOOP 1604 W)
1 bed $870
2 beds $1350
3 beds $1500


(Cross Mountain)
1 bed $1300

Designer countertops, BBQ/picnic area, Walk-in closets

(Fm Road 2696 / Ave Cierra)
1 bed $1245
3 beds $1700

Fitness Center, Cyber Coffee Cafe, Tennis Court

(Trinity U / E Hildebrand Ave)
1 bed $1040
2 beds $1400

Recreational Areas, Courtyard, Fireplace

(American Legion Memorial Hwy / Encino Cmns)
1 bed $880
2 beds $1100
3 beds $1500

Air Conditioning, Patio/Balcony, Lighted Tennis Court

(City Center)
1 bed $850
2 beds $1190
3 beds $1850

Why to rent in San Antonio

San Antonio is a multicultural and friendly place that despite the fact of being considered a town truth is, it is a large city often taken in count as a good place to raise a family and believed to be a city that offers homes and neighborhood for any lifestyle.

For those curious about the topic, the average cost of a home is about $140.000, that corresponds to about 3,000 square feet.

Among the best neighborhoods in San Antonio, we can mention Stone Oak, a very familiar suburb where families send their children to great public schools in the Northeast School District and where various box stores and beauty salons, surround your view. 

Alamo Heights, suburbs is also another good option to consider if renting in San Antonio, since its quite and many old generation families have established throughout the area, translating this area into a very familiar and solid place to live.

Scenic Oaks, filled with mostly older folks and not so many kids.This area is perfect for quiet seekers. 

Cross Mountain offers great and various opportunities for employment, translating this area into the best option for young tenants who are into their working passion. 

Another fact that certainly must be taking in the count if renting in San Antonio, Texas, is the multicultural advantages it offers since it seems to be a mix of Native America, ancient Mexico, and Wild West. 

Its gastronomy is quite varied and its population is friendly, respectful and cozy. Giving you nothing but reasons to consider San Antonio, as your main option. 

Among the best facts or opportunities when renting a place, we can highlight the all-bills-paid properties, in which tenants are provided with less worrying and comfortableness. 


Why to choose apartments with all bills paid?

This system consists on the tenant pays a flat rate and the landlord has the obligation of paying basic utility costs like heating, water, garbage, gas, and so on.

It is a very useful system since the tenant won’t have to remember due dates for each bill. It can be translated into a budgeting advantage, since you can use the money expected for other expenses, and save it. And San Antonio is not exempt from this. There are in fact various areas where you can find amazing places, well located and “equipped” with many positive points regarding community.